Content to Context

So lot of interesting details at the Web 2.0 Conference this year. The general theme: from content to context.

What do I mean by that?

To measure content, you have to understand the context around it. Vague? Thought so… let me try and explain it this way:

To me as a content owner/provider it is important for me to measure the metrics (number of views) around the content, but to understand the true impact of the content, I will have to measure the context (user comments) around it.

To me as a viewer of that content it is important for me to see how many of my friends liked it, but it also becomes important for me (in order to get a “complete” perspective) to understand why they liked it.

Basically, how content when treated as an object, relates to the viewer/reader/listener is the context of that piece of content.

And that seemed to be the general theme of web 2.0 this year. Conversations were largely about the effect that web 2.0 technologies have had and how people (It’s the People, stupid!) are beginning to relate to those technologies.

The single biggest difference from the last time I attended the same conference: things are beginning to make sense. Business models are actually a lot more tangible than they once were. Web 2.0 is no more about: build it and they(users) will come. But it is about they(users/communities) are already there, how best can our business models relate(engage/organize) to them. And that is evolution.


The question that was on my mind before the conference and sorta remained unanswered after was: how do you measure social? And then how do you scale it?

Answers are beginning to form… but we are not there yet.


Interesting question someone asked someone: How can you tell a web 2.0 “dude” from a web 1.0 person?

Answer: A web 1.0 person will always talk to you about the internet, as if it was a network of computers… a web 2.0 dude will talk about the internet: as a network of people.

Even a CISCO talks about the human network.

Our next bubble might be the commodity market. But this new genre of social web entrepreneurs are for real. Believe you me, this is not the dot com bubble… the social web + green technology + biotech is where long term sustainable growth will come from.

Oh by the way, I suck at making predictions.


A shout-out to Eric Ries. I sincerely believe in the work he is doing. It directly affects the way we are doing things @ Marcellus. He is a great thinker and a wonderful presenter.

Another shout-out to Clara Shih and her extremely relevant book: The Facebook Era. Great read.

2 responses to “Content to Context

  1. Frank Muth

    The medium is the message…M. McLuhan

  2. janerri

    Thanks for the post. Very nice recap.

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