And to boldly go… again.

I have watched Star Trek, as most have,  when I was very young. It used to come early in the mornings on Doordarshan, India’s only channel at that time. And then I watched it again when I was 14, and this time the world had globalized (it was yet to become “flat”). Mr. Rupert Murdoch (who I would better get to know later on in life as the man behind Fox News) had brought Star Plus to the huge Indian market. This time around it used to come late at night, and now I was allowed to stay up at night – well most nights anyways. So I consider myself kind of lucky to have seen at two very different, but young stages of life. So anywho, the show has a special (aww) role in my life has been established… 

I loved Star Trek. It was awesome, as awesome as an early summer movie should be. We are asked to go boldly back in time when James T. Kirk was born and Spock was learning how special and hard it was going to be to live as a Vulcan and a human. The movie would have been great if it was to be just a story of how these two very unique icons of American film culture learn to live with each other – both different aspects of the human brain: one instinctive and the other objective. I enjoyed that interaction as much as I enjoyed Spock captaining Kirk for that very rare moment. But it is more than a back story… the action is amazing – missing is the predictability of a Star Wars lightsaber fight and the over indulgence of sci-fi effects… it is just right. The litmus test for a remake is the casting and it is perfect – very hard to do that when the old characters are so firmly embedded in your brain.  And isn’t it so cool when the backstory actually makes sense… 

JJ Abrams has definitely brought it back… in style. A must watch for human, vulcan and a fan.

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