The Daily

A few quick notes on News Corp.’s “The Daily”. Hard to say if I like it yet, but I can certainly see the value-add (to the plethora of iPad reading choices) in it. This is a decent attempt to combine traditionally delivered pushed-media (loud voices like news headlines, opinions from opinion-makers) with new pulled-media (the noise from twitter feeds, blogosphere – coalesced as trends/citizen journalism) on a multimedia rich interface (btw, 2 of the more relevant 360 viewpoints i have seen – cowboys stadium and Egypt today from a street-level).

I also like the attempt at personalization/localization. The app is slow to load the current edition, but i appreciate not having to pick the subscriptions that fall out of the magazines and the joy of having to fold a newspaper when done reading.

The one thing that still bothers me is subscribing to a News. Corp. editor… A Roger Ailes view of the world as it is and as it should be doesn’t hit as you start reading… But then, Mr. Murdoch is a business man and maybe a right-wing approach to journalism (contradictory) isn’t good business on the iPad.

So yeah don’t know if i will buy the subscription at this point and am thankful to Verizon (did you hear they are finally getting the Jesus phone?) for the free trial.

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