Please do not pay any attention to this

These are the ramblings of a social network enthusiast on vacation; please do not pay any attention to this. Speaking of attention (like the late great George Carlin I don’t do transitions well)…

Nina Khosla’s post on the paradoxical nature of wider/larger/broader (read: shallower) social networks was on point. Must admire her articulation (the voice in Rick Perry’s head and the CEO of Marcellus knows that I have been trying to say this for years); as the size of the network increases our ability to be social decreases.

Let that marinate for a little bit… Size of social network is inversely proportional to the value that a social network provides…

As Johnny two-time would say: I couldn’t agree agree more.

I have always said and believed that the evolution of social avatars will be very similar to the evolution of the social being… From the real will come the virtual,and from the virtual (ironically) will come the real. The articulate Tom Friedman says it best: we shape our buildings and then they shape us. Point being: Facebook is life with the ability to pause, rewind and play.

However, if not filtered that Facebook will lose its value… I see my 18 year old cousin just add “friends” to his network to boost his “klout”…. in all honesty , I find myself wanting those retweets on Twitter and likes on Facebook…. See what I mean…. These are not value driven associations…

That is where Nina’s call for an evolution of networks to communities made sense to me… although, she failed at articulating a objective basis for this evolution.

Here is where I think I can help…meaning will come from associations that are based on social objects (defined as interests, culminated as: streams/tags/people(profiles)/relationships in the real world (family over friends))

I apologize for the abstract nature of the post… I did say these were ramblings and I do not quite have the gift of articulation… But do I see social networks that use Facebook’s open graph to create more meaningful (engaging) associations..? Yes I do.

Please do not pay any attention to this.

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