Start with why

(First up: WordPress: Real snazzy interface; would’ve been more functional if I could stack the live preview horizontally… don’t make me scroll).

Good book this: Start with Why? There is this video for those that prefer the Macbook Air version. My version: makes a case that the success Apple, the Wright brothers and other inspirational leaders have enjoyed because they think different (pun intended).

These people play the game because they believe in why playing the game is important… they are able to communicate the why they exist and do what they effectively. This helps them connect and attract those that believe in same “whys”. This initial momentum helps the idea, product, service “tip the tipping point” by validating the product for the majority. Basically, it is way to lower the barriers to adoption.

Makes sense – a good example is the President. When he was able to effectively communicate the reasons to why he is running (campaign rhetoric by how he has governed), he was able to inspire and lead… even that small period of time where he spoke eloquently to why health care is a moral cause and also makes sense financially the idea was able to gain traction. 

So why PromisePoints?




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