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Start with why

(First up: WordPress: Real snazzy interface; would’ve been more functional if I could stack the live preview horizontally… don’t make me scroll).

Good book this: Start with Why? There is this video for those that prefer the Macbook Air version. My version: makes a case that the success Apple, the Wright brothers and other inspirational leaders have enjoyed because they think different (pun intended).

These people play the game because they believe in why playing the game is important… they are able to communicate the why they exist and do what they effectively. This helps them connect and attract those that believe in same “whys”. This initial momentum helps the idea, product, service “tip the tipping point” by validating the product for the majority. Basically, it is way to lower the barriers to adoption.

Makes sense – a good example is the President. When he was able to effectively communicate the reasons to why he is running (campaign rhetoric by how he has governed), he was able to inspire and lead… even that small period of time where he spoke eloquently to why health care is a moral cause and also makes sense financially the idea was able to gain traction. 

So why PromisePoints?




Seeking: A Community Manager

After a meagre community organizer became President of United States, you would think every company out there would be looking for a community manager. Fire a CMO, hire a CM.

This blog post is heavily inspired by Micki Krimmel. So thank you Micki, from the community.

In the industrial age, if was alive, I would probably see job postings for factory workers and if Craigslist was accessible in the agriculture era, I would probably be seeking another farmer, but this be the knowledge era and this be the knowledge era 2.0, when knowledge is increasingly social while remaining inherently personal, when masses go on the web and become communities, when pushing knowledge has given way to pulling knowledge. Yep it is definitely an interesting age to be alive. Beats being a factory worker in London in the 30s…I tell ya.

So in this new age when pull beats push, listening beats talking and the community already exists, you need someone to understand what is being pulled, why it is being pulled, how it is being pulled and who is pulling it? You also need someone who  listens before he talks… and you need someone who is managing (insert your favorite verb here: organize, engage, relate to… etc.) that already existent community. You need a community manager.

Who are community managers? They are “creators, empathizers, pattern recognizers and meaning makers.” They are the ones that give your customers a hug when they need one and your company a conscience when it doesn’t have one. Now if AIG had a community manager… okay bad example.

He is the customer’s lawyer on your company’s board, he is your communication gateway to your customers and if your brand is Jesus than he is your Pat Robertson.

So how do you hire for this really important person? Rather, who do you hire? Hint: your company’s biggest fan will make for a pretty good community manager. Love is contagious….

So when you do hire this biggest fan of yours, make sure he has the autonomy and is able to move around the company and learn from/about every department. And definitely make sure that he has authority. Well at least more authority than the silly PR firm you hired, that you do not need.

And community managers: you are in a unique position because before you exercise that authority you have two questions to ask:

1. Is this good for the company?

2. Is this good for the community?

So anyways get working on that job posting for knowledge era 2.0 – Seeking a community manager.

My Lonely Blog

Resolution: I am going to post more often.


Update: Still a mac user and a happy mac user at that. T’was the iPhone that pulled me in. But I am not complaining.

Web 2.0 was great. There has been quite a visible evolution in the web space, it is making sense now. Well at least it is making more sense than it did. Details need a separate blog post.


Twitter thinks it is worth more than a billion. I don’t know one way or the other, but I like the attitude. And I also know that it ties in really nice with Google’s bigger picture.


I feel that the Europeans trust President Obama (PrezBO henceforth) more than they trusted W. And that is a good thing.