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Start with why

(First up: WordPress: Real snazzy interface; would’ve been more functional if I could stack the live preview horizontally… don’t make me scroll).

Good book this: Start with Why? There is this video for those that prefer the Macbook Air version. My version: makes a case that the success Apple, the Wright brothers and other inspirational leaders have enjoyed because they think different (pun intended).

These people play the game because they believe in why playing the game is important… they are able to communicate the why they exist and do what they effectively. This helps them connect and attract those that believe in same “whys”. This initial momentum helps the idea, product, service “tip the tipping point” by validating the product for the majority. Basically, it is way to lower the barriers to adoption.

Makes sense – a good example is the President. When he was able to effectively communicate the reasons to why he is running (campaign rhetoric by how he has governed), he was able to inspire and lead… even that small period of time where he spoke eloquently to why health care is a moral cause and also makes sense financially the idea was able to gain traction. 

So why PromisePoints?




Web X.0

To say social media is in a state of ascendancy is to say man continues to evolve… I mean it’s quite obvious isn’t it? Two companies that occupy the most mindshare when we look to the silicon valley to make ourselves feel better abut the economy are primarily social media platforms – Google and Facebook. The third company (or the first) on that list has been a critical driver in that growth – Apple continues to, more than any other company, provide the most intuitive ecosystem (device, platform, distribution channel) that enables a group of content consumers to become a community of content producers. And that is the story of web 2.0… And that is becoming the story of man.

Take the revolutions (and you hope it is a good one) in the Middle East for instance – social media has played a huge role in creating the awareness of the status quo, providing the moral impetus for change and then providing the tools for organizing towards that change. The dictators of yesterday had prepared themselves for the push communication technologies of yesterday and had no answer for the pull communication that Twitters, Facebooks and the Googles of today have enabled. This revolution brought to you by the good people that bring you: search, social networks, real-time trends, blogs n micro-blogs and mentos-bursting-in-coke videos… Maybe we don’t need the State Department anymore? I think I just heard Sarah Palin say: I wanna blog that on my Facebook page… I was kidding.

So as I start of this year’s expo… I am expecting to hear a lot on best practices, the meeting of here and now mobile applications with the presence of copious amounts of social data and maybe a little of where do we go from here?

More later.